Cams by Design

A seagrass conservation webmap for a local gov't

Before the quarantine period began, I was invited by members of my university's bio department to design a seagrass and carbon stock tracking app to aid conservation efforts for a local government unit.

An app to jump start ecotourism in a pandemic

Given the brief "traversing through the Philippines' new normal", my team and I created a gamified catalogue and booking app that helps revitalize the tourism sector in a hackathon that eventually won first place.

A patented health device made to be under 25 cents

In my last few years of highschool, my brooding romance with design set aflame when I created a high-sensitivity bioengineering device that detects multisymptomatic diseases both portable and under 1 peso ($0.020, in fact).

I've worked on 20 products end-to-end. Looking for something in particular (without NDA)? Let's chat about it.

A football reservation system for a local startup

We were tapped by a group of football enthusiasts to share in a vision: streamline the current process of football reservations, enhance this experience through a tech product, and enable everyone, professionals and rookies alike, to grow together sharing in the space of the beautiful game.

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A design sprint product that's filled with bad UX

Picture this: UX is just (and continues to be) a fairly new face in the local design industry. Our org was almost exclusively filled with tech students who already knew what UX was about. This sprint was for those people who didn't - people who we wanted to #ExperienceBetter.

Lets Talk About This

I've managed 10 projects in tech and org dev I like to share successes and failures about. We can schedule a coffee date.

I've done 15 No-code websites and a couple fully coded sites and apps here and there. Wanna see? You know the drill.

Holding the Remote for a Remote PlanSem

If you’ve ever been to a normal college org PlanSem, you probably would’ve expected a face-to-face retreat of sort. But say you had to organize it at a time of a pandemic where everyone was a couple miles away from each other. How can you make the screen feel like a getaway?

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We're Experiencing Life Before 1973

Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t get the entire history experience of the 70's. But having broken my phone on a long week full of non-working holidays might have just as well been the same thing. So how did it go? Well here’s a breakdown of my (difficult) phone-less week.

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The UX (User Experience) of Elevators

When I practice designing for the UX of products, I try to use objects that can be isolated to be defined in its most basic function. As much as possible, I try to stray away from over-complicating analogies. For example, I like to practice designing the UX of an elevator.

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I like to make meaningful things for meaningful people.

Tell me more about your vision and your story. I love to make products that come with an interesting need. Let me know what you need me as: a project manager, a product designer, or a website developer and what your budget looks like. Just tell me why you're passionate with it and how this product will be meaningful to you. All the technical stuff, we'll figure out together.

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I enjoy coffee dates that turn into very hearty coaching sessions.

If there's one thing that I like doing best in my craft, it's helping other early stage product enthusiasts fall in love with their work. If you're struggling with Impostor Syndrome, facing rejection, having career insecurities, or just need help in a project as a student designer, developer, or manager, I'd love to hear your story. I want to have that coffee date with you,

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