Not gonna lie - In the early stage of my career, I was almost always really scared of asking the important yet simple questions. Most of the time, it seems that the industries which practice the growth mindset constantly speak about achievements that it becomes very daunting for young designers to ask the 'novice' questions and celebrate their small successes. They are inspiring, definitely, but not something we can directly apply in our craft as young designers. Now that I have grown more experience and failed quite a lot, I want to share that privilege of experience with other early stage designers and developers. I don't claim that I am an expert at all, but I do think that I can build a compelling conversation with you enough so that you won't be afraid to tell your story, understand what your next steps should be, and most importantly, ask those important yet simple questions.

If you're interested, I offer hands-on personalized guidance and mentorship for beginners and early-stage designers, developers, and PM in the field of UX Design, Webflow or Shopify Development, and Project Management.

I have always found joy in empowering peers with design literacy and skills growth since I was on my first year of college. Now that I'm nearing my senior year with more than 30 design/tech projects built, ~3 years of job experience, and a patent under my name, I have gained the confidence to share this passion of collaboration and mentorship to a bigger stage.
I do not claim to be a senior expert in the fields that I am mentoring. However, what I do claim is to make my mentees feel comfortable (maybe have a laugh or two), experience actual value-growth, and ultimately be included in the conversation. I would like to believe that I provide an open environment to pinpoint exactly where we can get better in and how to set up the early career based off of that.

Skills Learning & Early Career Guidance

In this route, I give you value through personalized advice and story-telling in (hopefully) a very relatable and accessible way. It strays from the very awkward and pressuring experience of superior coaching, but still provides you with the best-fit skillsets that will further your UX/product career. This level of guidance is less of a teacher-student correction type of thing but more of a conversation between you and me.

Design thinking process

Early connection building

Interview stand-out tips

Resume & portfolio building

Freelancing needs & protection

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Exclusive Project-based Mentorship

In this route, I serve as an assistant guiding you through the process of a project from start-to-end with an actual client on the line. Think of me as the small angel (or imp if you'd like) that will guide you across the product development phase without feeling so much of the stress of getting reprimanded. I help give you confidence as your safety harness, teaching you how I usually get by with the products I've worked on.

UX/UI fundamentals

User research methodologies

Figma prototyping hacks

Webflow/Shopify development

Product management tools

Product development

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Understandably, some people don't have the privilege of money or time. While I cannot make dedicated roadmaps or product-market fit guidance for you in this instance, I do have a couple of things I can offer through my channel on some tips and tricks that a student designer can use.  If you want to see how I usually converse before scheduling a call with me, feel free to check the videos out below.

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